Data Destruction in Nashua, New Hampshire

Safeguard your privacy with hard drive shredding services from Reliable Asset Recovery in Nashua, New Hampshire. We specialize in helping you protect personal and confidential data during the computer recycling process.

Making Space

Over the past few years, data retention has become a critical issue for corporations as they take steps to comply with complicated legislation. While companies obsess over the retention requirements and boost their storage capabilities, they seem to ignore the other side of this process—data destruction.
What happens when your data has finally served its purpose? Sooner or later, you'll need to clean out those storage devices and free up some space.
Data deletion — in Nashua, NH

More Than Deletion

If you keep business, medical, or personal financial information on disks, simple deletion isn't enough to protect the data when disposing of the equipment. Besides identity theft, data loss may leave you or your company liable under federal laws, such as HIPPA. Criminal penalties include fines and prison terms up to 20 years as well as civil suits.

Complete Data Destruction

Reliable Asset Recovery ensures that all clients data and software is destroyed. Hard drives are shredded to ensure data is completely unrecoverable.
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